Encourage your employees to improve their health and fitness with access to savings on gym memberships, health assessents and more.
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About Discounts

One employee wants a gym membership, another needs a food intolerance test and a third is looking for a new pair of trainers. It can be difficult to meet the needs of all your employees, however, the Epassi UK Discounts package can help you do just that. 

Combining three of our wellbeing schemes into one package, you can address multiple areas of wellbeing and offer something that works for all of your team.

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The Discounts package gives employees access to:


Discounted Gym Memberships

Our discounted gym membership scheme makes joining some of the biggest and best gyms in the UK and Ireland cheaper! Whether your employees are new to fitness or they're already a seasoned gym goer, they can choose from 3,800+ gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and fitness studios. Employees can also save on a range of digital fitness subscriptions, giving them the flexibility to work out whenever and wherever they are. 


Discounted Health Services

Employees can get instant help as soon as they need it with our network of discounted health services. Whether they need an online GP appointment, a food intolerance test, a health assessment or an online physio appointment, they can do all that with Epassi UK Discounts! We enable employees to get answers quickly, so they can get on with their day-to-day lives with as little disruption as possible. 


Retail Discounts

Our retail discounts scheme gives employees access to savings from hundreds of big-name brands to help them commit to a fitter, healthier and happier lifestyle. From savings on healthy food deliveries to spa breaks and days out, your employees can browse constantly updated deals across clothing and footwear, nutrition, activity trackers, self care, supplements, leisure activities and more! 


Employers love Epassi UK Discounts!

Just some of the reasons employers love Epassi UK Discounts: 

  • Gives employees access to a range of discounts in one package
  • Enables employees to improve their physical and mental wellbeing
  • Low admin from HR 
  • Easy to implement and run
  • Insightful MI 
  • Affordable 

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Employees love Epassi UK Discounts! 

Just some of the reasons why employees love Epassi UK Discounts: 

  • Unlimited access to fitness, health and retail discounts
  • Thousands of discounts available
  • Discounts are available to family members 
  • New offers and brands added regularly
  • Ability to improve health, fitness and wellbeing
  • Instant savings 

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