Empower your employees to be proactive and take control of their health with discounted health assessments.
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About HealthiFlex

Our salary deduction scheme, HealthiFlex, gives employees access to a network of discounted in clinic and at home health assessments. 

With thousands of options available, employees can choose the right option for them based on their budget and specific health needs, and split the cost through manageable salary deductions. 

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Why employers choose HealthiFlex:

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Encourages employees to be proactive

Certain health conditions may not show symptoms early on, which is why having a health assessment can help to catch risk factors early, meaning employees can make lifestyle changes to protect their current and future health. 


Facilitates employer contributions

Employers can make health assessments even cheaper by contributing a percentage towards them via a company subsidy. This helping hand can give employees the extra boost they need to be proactive in looking after their health. 

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Coverage and choice

With 1,400+ clinic locations across the UK to choose from, our network is perfect choice for all types of workforces. Plus, with a wide choice of clinic based and home tests available, employees can choose the type of health assessment that’s right for them at a price and location that’s convenient.

Benefits for your business:

Offering your employees a network of discounted health assessments can:

  • Help to reduce sickness and absenteeism by improving employee health
  • Health assessments demonstrate a duty of care to employees
  • Contributes to a happier and more productive workforce

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Benefits for your employees:

  • Discounts at a choice of 25+ health assessments
  • Employees have full control to choose a health assessment that suits their needs
  • There’s no waiting period and employees can access the assessments as and when they choose
  • Employees have the ability to take a proactive approach to their health

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Ready add wellbeing to your workforce?

To find out more about how HealthiFlex from Epassi UK can benefit your team and your business, get in touch to request a demo! 

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